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Real Estate Litigation

Real EstateLike business, real estate is all about relationships. Owners of real property are just less likely to have chosen those relationships, be they with a sibling, a neighbor, a seller, or a homeowner’s association. When the relationship goes bad, I will help.

For experienced real estate litigation, contact my Santa Cruz office at 831-466-0753. At your low cost initial consultation, we will focus on setting appropriate expectations and developing a clear plan for moving forward.

Purchases and Sales

The deal’s falling apart! What do we do now?
The seller didn’t tell me about that! Can I do anything?
Shouldn’t my broker have known that this wasn’t what I wanted?
My broker isn’t doing anything. Can I find another?

Owners and Neighbors

Can the Homeowners Association stop our neighbor from doing that?
How does the HOA get its dues from an owner who doesn’t pay?
What can I do about the neighbor’s tree hanging over my property?
Can that property’s owners do that without a permit?


He hasn’t used that easement in years. Do I still have to let him use it?
What can I do on the easement over my property?
Do I still have an easement if nothing is recorded?
Can I subdivide my easement when I subdivide the property?

Residential and Commercial Leases

Can I get rid of tenants because I don’t like them?
If he says the property is uninhabitable, why doesn’t he leave?
Can my landlord retaliate against me for exercising my rights?
Do my tenants have to pay a late fee?
Does my landlord have to pay because the failure to fix the premises hurt my business?
Have I been discriminated against?