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License Defense

License Defense Our bankruptcy system is as American as apple pie. A belief in fresh starts has long been part of the American character. This country was started by people who wanted a better life, without the constraints under which they had found themselves in their various old countries. For decades, limited opportunities in the east were met by moving to start new societies in the west.

This American belief in fresh starts explains our bankruptcy system. Access to credit can set us free, but the burden of debt hobbles us. We believe that no monetary debt, taken on for a legitimate (though perhaps misguided) reason, should weigh us down for the rest of our lives. Everyone hates to see scammers walk away from the havoc they created. But no one thinks that people who have mistakenly taken on more debt than they can handle should forever after wear a ball and chain.

The Covid pandemic goes on and is even becoming more aggressive. It destroys more than lives. It also destroys people financially and will sadly cause more and more people to file for bankruptcy. Navigating bankruptcy water is not easy, and unfortunately getting this fresh start often requires a lawyer’s assistance.

Bankruptcies are often described as routine, yet every one is different. Many questions could come up that require counsel from a skilled bankruptcy lawyer:

I co-own real property with someone who isn’t declaring bankruptcy. Will that property be part of the bankruptcy?

Does declaring bankruptcy mean giving up my claim for compensation for my personal injuries?

I’m married, and we have many joint debts. Must my husband or wife declare bankruptcy, too?

Will declaring bankruptcy get the IRS off my back?

What will happen to my student loans?